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Principal Investigators:

  • Lars Crabo and Rich Zack (Washington State University)
  • Merrill Peterson (Western Washington University)

Project Manager:

  • Merrill Peterson

Site Editors:

  • Lars Crabo
  • Paul Hammond
  • Merrill Peterson
  • Jon Shepard
  • Rich Zack

Taxonomic Committee:

  • Lars Crabo
  • Paul Hammond
  • Don Lafontaine
  • Tomas Mustelin
  • Chris Schmidt
  • Jon Shepard


  • Nolan Ainsworth
  • Matte Bailey  
  • Galen Bigley
  • Forrest Henry
  • Nathan Tate


System Administrators:

  • Todd Epps
  • Jim Long

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Species Accounts

  • Lars Crabo (Principal Author)
  • Paul Hammond (Life Histories)

Additional Text

  • Philip Bjorge (About the Project)
  • Lars Crabo (Glossary; Moth Collecting; Moth Facts)
  • Melanie Davis (About the Images)
  • Merrill Peterson (About the Data; About the Images; About the Key; About the Project; Home Page; Site Credits)
  • Jon Shepard (About the Data)
  • Rich Zack (FAQs; Glossary; Related Sites)
  • Danielle Crow, Jesse Prelesnik, and Catherine Shelton (External Hyperlinks to Related Sites)

Copy Editors

  • Lars Crabo
  • Paul Hammond
  • Cecily Kowitz
  • Ryssa Parks
  • Merrill Peterson
  • Jon Shepard
  • Tyson Stallings


  • Jon Shepard (Principal Databaser)
  • Libby Avis
  • Lars Crabo (LGCC)
  • Melanie Davis (WWU)
  • David Droppers (DWD)
  • Ian Foley (MDA)
  • Warren Hellman (WSDA)
  • James Marra (WSDA)
  • Kaylin Mayhew (WWU)
  • Tomas Mustelin
  • W. Dean Nicholson (WDN)
  • Merrill Peterson (MAP)
  • Chris Schmidt (Acronicta Data)
  • Ron Sleeter (ODAC)
  • Landon Udo (WSDA)
  • Dick Wilson
  • Richard Worth (ODAC)
  • Rich Zack (WSU - Hanford & Saddle Mtn. NWR surveys)

Data Editors

  • Philip Bjorge
  • Graeme Campbell
  • Lars Crabo
  • Alex Gomes
  • Paul Hammond
  • Jon Huddleston
  • Merrill Peterson
  • Jon Shepard
  • Tyson Stallings
  • Carol Yoon

Photo Editors

  • Philip Bjorge
  • Alec Blume
  • Graeme Campbell
  • Lars Crabo
  • Melanie Davis
  • Jocelyn Gill
  • Morgan Gingerich
  • Paul Hammond
  • John Huddleston
  • Jamie Latham
  • Kaylin Mayhew
  • Meghan Nelson
  • Merrill Peterson
  • Sarah Pongon
  • Catherine Shelton
  • Jon Shepard
  • Tyson Stallings
  • Jessica Stanley
  • Hillary Thalmann

Specimen Loans for Photos

  • Lars Crabo (LGCC; Principal Specimen Source)
  • Dave Grimaldi, Christine Johnson, and Tam Nguyen (AMNH)
  • Rick Hoebeke (CUIC)
  • Peter J. Landolt
  • Chris Marshall (OSAC)
  • Frank Merickel (WFBM)
  • Tomas Mustelin
  • Merrill Peterson (WWU, MAP)
  • Dana Ross (DAR)
  • Jon Shepard (JHS)
  • Richard Worth (ODAC)
  • Rich Zack (WSU)

In addition, Don Lafontaine and Jocelyn Gill (CNC) provided photographs of specimens of several rare species, including some for which only the holotypes are known.

Identification Key (including PNWMoths App)

  • Merrill Peterson (Principal Key Editor)
  • Tyson Stallings (Key Design)
  • Melanie Davis (Key Editor)
  • Jordan Birnel (PNWMoths App Developer)
  • Graeme Campbell (Key Editor)
  • Jason Cook (PNWMoths App Developer)
  • Kenji Crenshaw (PNWMoths App Developer)
  • Liam Gleeson (PNWMoths App Developer)
  • Cecily Kowitz (Key Editor)
  • Kaylin Mayhew (Key Editor)
  • Erik McFarland (Key Editor)
  • Emiko Peterson-Yoon (Beta Tester)
  • Erik Peterson-Yoon (Beta Tester)
  • Jesse Prelesnik (Key Editor)
  • Elizabeth Rothwell (Key Editor)
  • Sebastian Schaad (Key Editor)
  • Hillary Thalmann (Key Editor)
  • Carol Yoon (Beta Tester)


This open-source website is the product of a collaborative effort involving many institutions and individuals. In particular, we are grateful to the following institutions for providing access to their collections and/or databases (*collections for which we have >500 records; **collections for which we have >5,000 records):

In addition, the following individuals have generously provided data from and/or access to their private collections of specimens and/or photographs:

  • *Libby Avis
  • Mark Cassidy
  • **Lars Crabo (LGCC)
  • John Davis
  • Melanie Davis
  • David Droppers
  • Renny Greenmun
  • Crispin S. Guppy (CSG)
  • *W. Dean Nicholson
  • Rita O'Clair
  • Gary Peters
  • Merrill Peterson
  • *Donald A. Rolfs (DAR)
  • **Jon Shepard (JHS)
  • *Dennis Strenge (DLSC)
  • Dick Wilson

We are deeply grateful to the open source computing community for advice and code that has been integrated into this site.

This material is based upon work supported by funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, via National Science Foundation grants DBI-0846925 (to WWU) and DBI-0847728 (to WSU). Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. In addition, we acknowledge the support of Chris Loggers, Wildlife Biologist, Colville National Forest, for funding survey work by one of the site editors (JHS), which helped fill distributional gaps for many species. We also thank the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at Western Washington University for a Project Development Award to Merrill Peterson that supported the development of a pilot version of this website.  Kailey Kimball and Matt Fisher assisted with the development of the pilot version.